Special Session “Big Themes”:

At its 28th General Assembly 2023 in Berlin, IUGG foresees to launch a new session format, called “Big Themes”.

In a condensed and interesting format, the IUGG bureau plans several themes to be covered with a few stimulus introductions, a moderated panel discussion and an extended exchange within the plenary. Each session is planned for 90 minutes.

We have already identified a handful of “Big Themes (BT)”:

  • Open Science, Open Data, Open Software
  • ECS Early Career Scientists – Needs, Wishes and Demands

(with reference to GGS-TT[1] on Early Career and Student Communities)

  • Contributions to Disaster Risk Reduction (including Sendai)
  • Contributions to International Frameworks (e.g. IPCC, Paris Agreement, SDGs)

(with reference to GGS-TT on Advocate for the ESS in Global and Domestic Policies)

  • EDI/DEI = Diversity, Equality, Inclusion

(with reference to GGS-TT on Inclusion and Representation in Geoscience)

  • IYBSSD | International Year of Basic Sciences for Sustainable Development
  • Education and Capacity Development (North-South Dialogue)


We are open for more themes of general interest and importance.

Please get in touch with us!


Alexander Rudloff, IUGG’s Secretary General and SPC[2] member


[1] GGS-TT = Global Geoscience Societies Task Team

[2] SPC = Scientific Program Committee