Date Time Meeting
Tuesday, 11 July 09:00-12:00 1st Bureau Meeting*
Tuesday, 11 July 14:00-18:00 1st Executive Committee Meeting*
Wednesday, 12 July 14:00-18:00 1st Council Meeting*
Thursday, 13 July 09:00-12:00 2nd Bureau Meeting*
Friday, 14 July 14:00-18:00 2nd Executive Committee Meeting*
Saturday, 15 July 09:00-13:00 2nd Council Meeting*
Monday, 17 July 09:00-12:00 3rd Bureau Meeting*
Monday, 17 July 15:00-18:00 3rd Executive Committee Meeting*
Tuesday, 18 July 15:00-18:00 3rd Council Meeting*
Thursday, 20 July 10:00-11:30 Meeting of the new Bureau*
Thursday, 20 July 13:30-15:30 Meeting of the new Executive Committee*

*by invitation only

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